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What is User Experience (UX) design for websites?

A brief explanation of web design user experience is how your users will navigate your website, service or product, and a vast amount of planning and research goes into that at the very start of every project. Our designers and developers work together to apply research from your field of expertise, your target audience, and an ever evolving knowledge of UX best practice.

The design element of a digital project is important for users, in terms of what you can see and what you can’t, and in terms of how it works, and how it works for you. With the constant advancement of the internet it’s never been more necessary to have a proactive site that pulls its weight.

When starting any new web project we undertake a huge amount of research and planning before we put digital pen to paper. The stages before you start seeing anything visual are when most of the design really happens. Information architecture, user journeys, wireframing, are all aspects that need to be given due consideration to before jumping to designing the user interface. It’s not just about the user though, with every project we aim to strike the perfect balance between the needs of the business, and the needs of the user.

The way this research led approach is manifested in our web design process, have a read here.

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

User Experience and Conversion Rate Optimisation go hand in hand. Good website design that focuses on the user experience should promote conversion rate optimisation at the same time. Getting people to your site in the first place is vital, but what they do once they arrive has equal importance. It’s no good if people turn up and then leave again straight away.

This is where CRO comes into play. The main task being to get those visitors where you want them to go and do what you want them to do. This could be engaging with a specific page, completing a form, getting in touch or making a transaction. Encouraging this to happen is a careful combination of relevant content, and effective and functional UX design, and it’s something we put a lot of care into.

As with any service or business, websites aren’t as simple as more visitors equalling more sales. If only 2% of your users are donating or getting in touch, you still need 98 people to visit for every 2 that will be valuable to you. It’s a far better investment to increase the usefulness of those 100 people that are already visiting your site. To improve the User Experience and Conversions, we monitor changes with A/B testing, see what works, and ditch the stuff that doesn’t. Which brings us nicely onto our next subject…

User Testing

Don’t let there be any risk involved with the launch of your new site. Yes, we’ve completed research and spent hours on the UX design and website build, everyone at your organisation is happy, but why not test it on some actual users before the big launch? Get some genuine feedback from unbiased people before it goes live, this will always be the best judge of the success of a website so why not build this into your schedule before your site goes out to the big wide web?

Just as every digital web project is unique, the way we test them should be bespoke too. Every website has different monitoring requirements, web apps have different objectives and native apps are used in entirely unique ways again, so it makes sense to not have a one size fits all approach to testing. The key to productive user testing is to get it in front of new people to use, outside of our bubble and to never make assumptions. We have many different methods, tools and technologies to ensure we can achieve the best results from this process.

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