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Delivering an Integrated Search Engine Optimisation Strategy

One of our mottos is 'What's the point of a pretty website, if no one can find it?'

Essentially, this is what Search Engine Optimisation and Search Engine Marketing are all about; ensuring your business and brand is found online. However, this comes with one very important caveat. It can be easy to drive traffic to a website, but it's about sending quality traffic visitors to your site that will ultimately turn into a conversion (a phone call, enquiry, online sale/sign up etc). Within SEO there can be a lot of scaremongering with talk of looming Google updates and agencies employing questionable, black hat SEO techniques. However, Google and other search engines are only trying to present users with quality results that best match their intended search. Google has come a long way in deciphering user intention and delivering high quality, tailored results.

Therefore, your business needs to create an online authority brand that is trusted with quality content. Having worked in SEO for a long time it's hard to ignore the strong impact that social media has on SEO rankings so it's important that an effective social media and content marketing optimisation effort is factored into your overriding SEO strategy. If enough people are liking, commenting, sharing, reviewing, tweeting, following your brand online it's difficult for the likes of Google to ignore this social proof. There are approximately 200 factors in the algorithm and is by no means an exact science. There are no shortcuts and nothing beats a consistent, concerted effort coupled with technical know-how and application.

Putting SEO into the Heart of the Build

  • All the HTML code we write conforms to the very latest web standards, allowing the search engines to access your content effectively
  • We will ensure your site contains the most relevant information for your sector, or remove duplicate information, making it as search engine friendly as possible
  • We will check out your competition, research and analyse what is currently being implemented in the market
  • We advise on content changes to ensure keywords are correctly distributed

But that’s not the end of it. Once we’ve built and optimised your site, we look to focus on building and maintaining a long term relationship to deliver an effective, ongoing SEO strategy for the website.

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