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Email Campaigns

As a fully integrated creative digital agency Studio Republic are more than familiar with all forms of email campaign. Given it's one of the oldest and most cost effective forms of digital marketing, in our 14 years' existence we’ve sent more than 6 million HTML campaign emails.


When it comes to creating an email campaign, we cover absolutely everything. From the early conceptualisation and design stages, to developing and cross device optimising, writing and A/B testing content, sending, managing and reporting, we've done all of it thousands of times. To make your campaign even more successful we can tie the calls to action in your campaign to a specific landing page on your site, so that when users go from reading your email they can have a consistent experience by following it on to a page that has familiar content.


Email is a successful, tried and tested form of campaign communication. One of the reasons it's such a valuable format is that every interaction can be tracked. The reporting available offers information and insight on who has opened - and where, when, and on what device, who has clicked, where they've clicked through to, where they drop off, and loads more. This information is packaged up to explain the effectiveness of a campaign and to inform how tweaks and alterations could be made to improve and optimise future campaigns. In terms of quantifying your ROI, email campaigns can be one of the easiest to see results from.

Distribution Platforms

Our preferred software to use for creating and managing email campaigns is either Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor. One of the reasons we like these platforms is that they're easy for clients to pick up and manage themselves, and we can offer ongoing support and training if any issues pop up.

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