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Digital Marketing Campaigns

Digital marketing is an area your organisation can’t afford to ignore. With more and more avenues that can be pursued, and a wide and varied mix of demographics and potential converts to reach out to.

The key to any good digital marketing campaign that has success in collecting peoples details is creating a worthwhile value exchange. In a time of more and more security issues, people are much more likely to give you their personal information if they actually feel like they’re getting something beneficial in return.

Our 90% campaign for Sailors’ Society has been hugely successful, generating high levels of engagement, and hundreds of GDPR compliant contacts, whilst at the same time highlighting the geographical journey our everyday items take to get to our stores, and the issues seafarers have to deal with along the way. Read more about 90%.

User Engagement

When planning a digital marketing campaign there are many end goals that you might want to achieve, growing donation amounts, improved web traffic, press coverage, creating or improving a social media following, building a database of contact details, or just generally to raise awareness. It’s best to define what these targets are at the start of a campaign as this can provide clear goals and outline what a good result of the campaign will be.

Social Media

Facebook is one of the biggest platforms in the world now with over 2 billion users, and the others aren’t far behind. These platforms need to be considered in any good campaign, whether that’s using paid advertising or just a solid schedule of posts, social media can drive huge amounts of useful traffic, as well as providing engagement opportunities.

Our campaign with Save Water South East was focused on generating traffic and followers to their social media accounts. Their social media presence was created from scratch for this campaign, across the duration of the competition we generated 4862 likes across all the social channels, 2786 page views on the site and 2211 competition entries. Read the full case study.


Something to keep in mind when getting people to engage with your organisation and give you their contact details is the new laws around data protection, specifically GDPR.

So, what is GDPR? GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation is a new set of regulations which will be applied across the whole of Europe by May 2018. The main objective of GDPR is to allow users to have control over their personal data. GDPR also imposes much stricter rules to companies handling those data, but it’s nothing to worry about if you’re prepared, and that’s where we can come in. Read our recent blog post to learn a bit more about GDPR.

If you're looking for some help with your digital marketing campaign be it paid social advertising, PPC or organic SEO help, as a full service digital agency we can help out. Get in touch or come see us at our Winchester or London Offices.

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