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New web projects

A new website can be a big undertaking, and it’s not something we can do solely on our own. No one knows your business better than you, so we spend time working closely with you to understand your business's objectives and the site's purpose. We take time to plan the content together, we have progress meetings along the way so you can see how it’s going and give your feedback, we help plan the launch in order to make as big an impact as possible. It’s a very close relationship and it shouldn’t be done in any other way, together we put a lot of time and energy it your new site.

Our Responsive and Mobile First approach

As of August 2017, the number of mobile searches surpassed that of desktop searches in 10 countries including the US and Japan. With more and more people everyday using the internet while they’re on the go it is important that your site doesn’t just look great on a desktop screen, it needs to perform well across all devices. Phones, tablets, TVs, games consoles VR, there’s now a huge range of screen sizes and technology to take keep in mind.

Where possible we try and work from a mobile point of view first and then expand the design from there. Googles algorithm prioritises a good mobile experience more and more every day, to the point now that if your site doesn’t perform well on even the smallest smartphone you’ll be penalised in their search results. So as a proactive approach, instead of treating mobile views as an afterthought when the desktop has been completed, we do these at the start of the process and use them to influence all the other views.


When first designing a website we go through a stage of wireframing and prototyping, this is to show the structure of a website before we start to apply your branding and imagery. This stage might just look like a load of grey boxes and latin text, but it’s a hugely important stage in the process that allows us to get the important building blocks of your site in place before getting too hung up on more superfluous issues. We use tools like Sketch and InVision that allow us and you to use these early templates as if it were a fully functioning website, this helps us all to explore the site as your users would.

Web Design & UX design

Web design and User Experience design go hand in hand, you can’t have one without the other. A website can no longer just look good, it needs to work well too, and that’s where the user experience side of things comes into play. We spend a lot of time planning how people will use the site, how information will be presented and how users will find it, and we do this long before we work out how it will look. For a bit more info give our User Experience page a read.

An online experience is about far more than aesthetics alone. It is equally important to consider the following…

  • Are their appropriate calls to action for the user
  • A simple user journey; how easily is the information to find?
  • Is the content in bite sized chunks?
  • Where is the data capture facility positioned on the page?
  • Is the data capture GDPR compliant?
  • Is the contact information easily available?
  • Is the body copy legible and the site accessible for a wide range of users?
  • The list goes on...

To learn more about our process or how we can help your organisation why not give us a call. Or if you’d like to see our design in practice, check out our portfolio.

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