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Graphic Design and Illustration

Sometimes a job can call for more than just using photographs and typography. Whether that’s a custom illustration, graphic diagram or icon set, we’ve had success in creating all of these. Creating a suite of icons specifically tailored to represent your precise business offering, and designed to fit perfectly with your overall brand can carry a whole heap more value than just using some standard icons bought from an image library. In a similar way, using a carefully crafted graphic design illustration that can convey your brand in its style and tone instead of a standard stock photo can be powerful too.

Why Go Bespoke?

At the heart of our 90 Percent campaign for Sailors’ Society we’ve used some very bold illustrations to convey their message. The style is deliberately kept minimal and graphic to best represent the stats and their message. We also animated these graphics as part of the website to further reinforce the message.

Another example of this is for our campaign for Save Water South East. Using a more graphic approach helped us get to the heart of the issues a lot more succinctly than using just a standard image or a paragraph of text that cold be easily ignored. We also found that the best way to inject some humour into the campaign was by using these graphic elements. Keeping the campaign light-hearted helped it to remain memorable, something that wouldn’t have been possible just using standard photography.

Our graphic design team based in Winchester have a wealth of valuable experience and woudl be happy to help, so please get in touch.

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