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What are the benefits of a good brand identity?

A brand is not just an icon and a word, it's your personality, your identity, it's the sum of what makes you uniquely you. The best brands give you a sense of feeling and purpose, we become reliant on them in our day to day lives and miss them when they’re not there. A brand should be recognisable even when the icon is separate form the word, or the word separate from the icon, in fact the best brands are recognisable even without any form of the logo present. So, What can we do for your brand?

Creating your brand from scratch

We love working with organisations from the beginning, getting to know you, finding out how you want to be positioned and who you need to target. Getting an organisation off the ground can be tricky, going from start-up to household name doesn’t happen overnight, but having a good brand identity on your side can definitely make the job easier. If the branding process is done right then the new brand should more than pull its weight.

At Studio Republic we have helped many new businesses create their brand indentity. We love to get involved right at the start and can help with naming the business, developing the tone of voice, designing the logo and creating brand identity guidelines.


As well as working with startups, we specialise in updating and refreshing existing brands. This could be a simple tweak to an existing logo, right through to starting from scratch with a new name and corporate identity. Working with existing organisations to give them a successful rebrand gives us a buzz. There’s the extra pressure from the new brand being judged against the old, how it resonates with the target audience, and what value can we add to your existing success. Our most successful rebrands have been the ones where we’ve got under the skin of the company, what’s already making it great, and how we can make it even better. As with working with start-up organisations, getting to know your organisation as much as you do is an integral part of the process.

Our approach to branding

Every agency will have a different approach to branding projects. We like to become almost like extra members of your team, build a good relationship with you, and learn as much about you as possible. This is when we can do our best work.

After we’ve come to the end of the process and you’ve got a brand you’re happy with, we don’t just leave you to it. As a full service agency we then work with our clients to produce all the assets their organisation needs including;

  • stationery
  • email signatures
  • copywriting
  • social graphics
  • leaflets
  • brochures
  • website

To learn more about our print offerings read our design for print page.

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