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Combining the creativity of The 2.6 Challenge with cutting-edge fundraising technology.

It’s brilliant when you discover like-minded people that share your passion and commitment to making the world a better place. That’s just one of the reasons we’re proud to announce our new partnership with Funraisin.

With offices in the UK, Australia and the USA, Funraisin are a globally renowned team of software developers. They exist to help charities to revolutionise their online presence in order to create deeper connections with their supporters and ultimately, increase revenue.

Our two organisations were brought together following the success of our latest campaign, The 2.6 Challenge, which raised over £10,000,000 for UK charities.

We have been trusted by purposeful organisations to deliver stand-out branding and intuitive website experiences for over 17 years. But our fundraising functionality has always been built from scratch which made many of our recommendations unaffordable for charities. The Funraisin platform enables campaigns to achieve their full potential by delivering unparalleled tech while allowing our team total creative freedom.

We agree that the biggest challenges our world faces (and the people who dedicate their careers to solving them) need specialist tools and expertise to help them. Now we’re working together to help solve some of these challenges for nonprofits, through the combined power of creative & digital.

Introducing our new partnersIntroducing our new partners

Harness the power of 2.6

Discover what it took to inspire the nation to take-on The 2.6 Challenge and what fundraisers can learn and do to thrive in the future.

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Website Design & Build

Inspiring a nation of ordinary people to do extraordinary things and save the UK’s charities.

Over £10M
Introducing our new partners
Raised for UK charities
Introducing our new partners
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Introducing our new partners
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