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Reach a wider audience with your charity campaigns. Whether your campaign is raising awareness of your cause or charity, selling a product or event, generating income for an appeal, or expanding your supporter database, you'll want to ensure that it is managed, monitored, and adjusted to deliver the greatest possible conversion rate. You'll also want to be confident that data is captured and stored in a compliant way so can manage ongoing relationships with donors / supporters engaging with the campaign.

At Studio Republic, a charity campaign starts with collaboration on the delivery of a compelling message with a strong call to action that's defined by your particular campaign objective. We work with you to bring this to fruition using a combination of elements from the full digital mix including landing pages, banners, HTML emails, organic social media content planning, and paid social / search advertising, as well as supporting print collateral. We guide you through the creative and technical process from beginning to end, with full reporting services on the performance of your charity campaign.

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Charity Website & Digital Marketing Services | Studio Republic

Donation Platforms

Our extensive work with charities has given us fantastic experience and insight into creating engaging content for users, whether through donor journeys to bespoke onsite donation options for their websites, or storytelling and calls to action through digital campaigns. We support you in creating a compelling supporter journey which results in your supporters taking action. We devote time and attention in our design and planning phases to your donor journey, the story that you're telling, and the impact that the donor can have by becoming part of a solution.

Charities frequently contact us knowing that they're seeing high exit rates from their website on donation pages, yet not seeing these exiting visitors translating to donations. We work with you to prevent this rom happening, and help you to achieve the targets your charity deserves.

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Charity Website & Digital Marketing Services | Studio Republic

Full Website Redevelopment

At Studio Republic we like to do things properly. We build websites, apps, and campaigns from scratch, all day every day and have done for the past 14 years. We’ve become pretty good at it. Every digital product has a unique purpose and should be treated as such. We don’t like our processes to be shrouded in mystery and confusion for our clients. Maybe you don’t understand the technical details of the process, but we keep you involved throughout the project.

Our functionality development experience includes dynamic, user-targeted websites; database driven listings with multiple filters and search facilities; e-commerce: Magento, OpenCart, Woo Commerce and bespoke builds; user registration with private member only areas; highly customised CMS websites using MODX and WordPress. In short, the functionality required of your website, from a virtual shop to a donation platform, a members' forum to a dynamic storytelling area, will be developed and built bespoke to the needs of your supporters and beneficiaries.

Charity Website & Digital Marketing Services | Studio Republic

Search Engine Optimisation

There are no shortcuts to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and nothing beats a consistent, concerted effort coupled with technical know-how and application. Here at Studio Republic all the HTML code we write conforms to the very latest web standards, allowing the search engines to access your content effectively. Through ongoing SEO support, we will ensure your site contains the most relevant information for your sector, or remove duplicate information, making it as search engine friendly as possible. We will undertake in-depth competitor, keyword, search term, and trend analysis. We advise on content amends, and make recommendations for strategic content development..

Once we’ve built and performed initial site optimisation, we look to focus on ongoing updates through a long-term approach to deliver effective content optimisation for the website, app, or campaign that leads to conversions.

Step By Step
Charity Website & Digital Marketing Services | Studio Republic

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Whether on a website or part of a specific campaign, the task of Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is to support user journeys to result in a conversion. A conversion could be anything from completing a form to getting in touch, or signing up to become a volunteer to making a transaction. Encouraging this to happen requires a considered combination of relevant content, and effective and functional design. It’s something we put a lot of care into, and it's something that we test and refine on an ongoing basis.

It's not the case with websites or campaigns that more visitors equal more conversions. If only 2% of your users are donating or getting in touch, you still need 98 people to visit for every 2 that will be valuable to you. It’s a far better investment to increase the usefulness of those 100 people that are already visiting your site. To improve the user experience (UX) and conversions, we monitor user behaviour using analytics tools and heat mapping. The impact of changes is measured through multi-variant testing, we can see what works and ditch the stuff that doesn’t.

Sailors' Society 90 % Campaign
Charity Website & Digital Marketing Services | Studio Republic

Marketing Collateral

We work with our charity clients in an ongoing relationship and tend to become an extension to their comms / marketing teams. We support and empower you to deliver as much of your marketing communications in-house as you can, and we'll take on anything that's beyond your capacity or capability. In order to support your overall marketing and income generation objectives, we will use our design for print, copywriting, and proof reading capabilities to deliver brochures, impact reports, newsletters, invitations, flyers, roller banners, and any other printed marketing materials you need.

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