Working Internationally

15th July 2016

Working Internationally

Being based in a busy central Winchester mews, we have had the pleasure of sharing a courtyard with some of great, friendly neighbours. Sometimes your neighbours become your clients, but often we travel to different places to meet our next clients.

Geographically, our client base covers the South coast, some in London, a couple in the North of England but our latest website launch has come from the Global Tax Network in the USA. We were chosen as the agency to redesign and rebuild their online presence. We have had a good relationship with GTN UK for a few years now having worked on their website and marketing collateral. Rather than selecting a US based creative digital agency, we were asked to do the work from the UK. It can be hard for a creative agency to win with with clients abroad because the perception has been that we need to meet face to face.

However with GTN USA, we just adapted to the time zones and used Skype and screen sharing sessions for meetings as often as required, presenting visuals, analysing reactions, comments and feedback as almost as effectively as if they were here at SR HQ. The way we handle projects is a tried and tested formula which works preferably face-to-face (because we are a sociable bunch) but can easily be accomplished remotely. Quite often local business owners, especially sole-traders struggle to find the time to sit down and carry out face-to-face meetings, so being sat in a US offices is no different. We just arrange an appropriate time to call and discuss the project feedback, so, provided we receive that it honestly doesn't matter if you're lying on a beach or building a snowman.

Having completed the US website, we were put in touch with the Canadian arm of GTN and are now looking to roll-out a similar project with them.

We live in a digital age where we can trade with anybody, anywhere, so if you are considering a web project and like the sound, look and feel of SR, please get in touch today to find out more.