Wirehive 100 – A Celebration of the Best of Digital

12th October 2018

Wirehive 100 Awards Ceremony 2018

Last night we were privileged to be among esteemed guests at the 2018 Wirehive 100 Awards. In Wirehive’s own words,
“The Wirehive 100 Awards and League Table showcase digital excellence and recognise the outstanding work and exceptional individuals we see time and again from agencies in the southern counties based outside of London.”
This is the seventh year of the Wirehive 100 Awards, and the list of categories has been extended to reflect the latest trends in digital. Guests included teams, people, and projects from 56 agencies shortlisted in 16 award categories including Agency Team of the Year, Rising Star, Not for Profit Site of the Year, and Digital Transformation.

Agency for Good

In our recent article about awards, we wrote about why we entered the Agency for Good category. Fellow agencies shortlisted were: What a fine list to find ourselves on. We were in outstanding company and it was encouraging to come alongside six like-minded agencies prioritising the ‘for good’ aspects of their approaches, their work, and their clients. We were particularly struck with the impact of some of 3 SIDED CUBE’s work, most notably the Giving Nature a Home app that they developed with the RSPB. In addition, we are very impressed by Kyan’s ‘Agency for Good’ submission, which brings attention to ‘women in dev and the wider women in tech movement’. This is a movement that we all need to get behind.

And the Winner is ...

After a drinks reception and the most fabulous meal from Vanilla Catering, the awards ceremony commenced. A stand out from the entire event was the comedian and compere for the evening. Ed Byrne came as something of a surprise and mocked the industry perfectly. Following a short stand-up routine, he proceeded to whip through the awards. For the full list of award winners you’ll have to nip on over to the Wirehive 100 site. We eagerly awaited the announcement for our category, knowing, as 10 Degrees said on Twitter yesterday, “There are no losers in a category like this!” We’re all on the same team, so who took home the Agency for Good award? 3 SIDED CUBE were announced as the runner up, and we can’t pretend we didn’t still hope, however it was 10 Degrees who were crowned Agency for Good 2018.

About the Agency for Good

10 Degrees are an admirable agency for good. Their mission is “to create a happy and diverse team of talented individuals that support each other and follow Open Source principles in their daily lives.” They wholeheartedly embrace their mission throughout their work, living their values in the everyday. Like us, they’re giving back to their community through skill sharing and volunteering, and they share our desire to take a more environmentally sustainable approach to their work. Congratulations to the 10 Degrees team, we hope to see you again next year!