Can you believe it’s just over a week since our last meetup? Which means it’s just under three weeks until our next one!

As mentioned in a previous blog post , we’ve been running the Winchester Creatives meetup on the first Tuesday of each month for the last couple of months.

The first couple of get togethers were deliberately unstructured, with the pure intention of getting to know people. In future, we’ll still be pretty unstructured, if we’re honest, but also hope to host some presentations and talks, so let us know what sort of thing you want to see, and we’ll see what we can do.

We’ve had a great mix of people come along: video producers, web developers, designers, gadgeteers, students… It’s been an absolute pleasure to meet you all, and long may that continue! :)

Please do get in touch if you have any suggestions of any digital/creative things you’d like to see/hear/do at future events.

The next meetup is on Tuesday 4th April, where Eddie Rich will be giving a talk on his area of speciality - User Experience.

And don’t forget there will always be pizza. The excellent pizzas, as supplied by our friends at The Stable, have proven to be VERY popular…

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