What role does graphic design play in UK businesses?

23rd March 2011

Good design is more than just a pretty addition to your businesses profile. It’s time to consider it as a vital tool to beat the competition with.

Many businesses invest in good design for the same reason: they want their company or product to be seen and recognised at a glance. Good design has become, and should continue to be, a real differentiator for businesses.

The Design Council has found that over a third of the UK's fastest-growing businesses see design as integral or significant. Businesses that undervalue the importance of design may be missing vital opportunities

“59% of UK businesses agree or strongly agree that there is clearly a positive link between investment in design and profitability. In fact, the response to this question was generally positive throughout the UK, regardless of business size, type or growth rate. 71% of companies in manufacturing; 63% in finance and business; 62% in wholesale, retail and hospitality; and 52% in farming, construction and transport recognised a link between design investment and profit.”
Source: The Design Council

The quality and aesthetic appeal of a product, service or company can be shaped by the design and style that it projects and by careful consideration a design can effectively communicate a key message to your customers. Joe Public is increasingly used to seeing innovative, interesting design, thanks to companies such as Apple and John Lewis, who have ensured that style and aesthetics are considered as an integral part of how they present their offerings.

A good design will make sure you stand out from the competition, ensure people remember you, and can position your business as a trustworthy and established company (not that you aren’t already).

A simple phrase that we hear all the time from prospective clients when we first meet is: “the first thing a new prospect wants to do is Google us”. This brings us to the old adage “first impressions count”. Now if they Google you and you’re not presenting the best possible face for your company then you are going to miss out on that new business.

So here comes the (rather obvious) conclusion. If you include good design as one of the big differentiator in your business you’ll reap the rewards over your competitors.