Faster is better – why website performance matters

25th April 2017

Building websites is easy. There are site builder tools which will give you a website for £2 per month. Hosting websites is easy. There are hosting packages for about the same money. The difference with using a creative agency to design a site is the amount of time and thought we put into the creative process. The quality doesn't stop with the design, or even with the build of the site (the dots and slashes that bring the design to life). Where we go the extra mile is in the tweaking and fine tuning of the code and the setup of the hosting. It's the less glamourous side of agency life, but it's vital. Google (other search engines are available) rewards sites which are efficient. It's so important to them that they built a tool so you can test how quick a site is. Code has to be minified (all the spaces and unnecessary code taken out), images which and hosting tweaked and fettled to make sure all files are compressed and cached in just the right way. There are a lot of hoops to jump through, but it's not just your search ranking that benefits. We run our own servers so we have complete control over the server setup as well as how many and which sites we host as well Why faster is better Yes, we have to make sure the Google robots are kept happy, but each fraction of a second of loading time that can be saved is more time that a user sees your message, rather than a blank screen. Users have increasingly short attention spans, down to 8 seconds from 12 seconds in 2000, so everything we can do to attract and keep their attention is vital. There are plenty ways through effective website management that you can deliver this. A saving which seems trivial on a superfast fibre optic connection can make all the difference when your next is on a flaky 3G connection out in the sticks. It's proven that quicker sites convert more. This study from 2015 shows that a 1 second faster load time lead to a 27% increase in conversions. That's a big deal and the busier your site is, the more of an impact each millisecond of improvement we can make will have. We can help your website fly! Call us today on 01962 659123 and let's get started.