We Pledge to Good Life Goals

11th March 2019

Sustainability is more than LED and ‘recycle me'

Sustainability is at the heart of Studio Republic. As more businesses and individuals become aware of their accountability for sustainability, we find ourselves passing on our pearls of wisdom while in turn we develop our knowledge from others.

We often associate sustainability with being primarily an environmental factor, assuming the term relates only to a spot of recycling and perhaps a light bulb change. But when you peel back sustainability and look at what it truly means, you’re faced with something raw – it’s simply making ‘this’ last. It’s about people, culture, our world – everything around us. From the air we breathe to the hug with our friend, our breakfast choice to our Sunday afternoon pastime. It can all be taken back to that core value of simply being sustainable.

Who doesn’t want the good things to last, after all?

When we gave ourselves a brand makeover back in 2017, we chose to become actively dedicated to our pursuit of being creative for good. We aim to work exclusively with charities, not-for-profits, and other businesses who share our ethical ethos. We’ve implemented changes into our work processes and operations to ensure we become much more sustainable. A Green Apple Gold award under our belt, we’re now on the cusp of launching our sustainability consultancy service to other businesses to aid them into making the smooth, curiously liberating journey into sustainability.

We’ve reaped the benefits of adapting our ethos and culture to being sustainably focused. All it took was our Designer Halina, to share her zero-waste passions with the office and one thing led to another. Our work has become more heartfelt and ethical, our team are healthier and happier, and our reputation has gone from strength to strength. Oh, and Halina progressed to become our Sustainability Consultant following a training course at the University of Cambridge. See, we are all about self development.

The Good Life Goals

So here we are today. March 11th, 2019. The day we officially pledge to Good Life Goals.

Based on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) created by the United Nations, Futerra’s adaptation sees each goal broken down into digestible, user friendly summaries. They each focus on an area of concern, from the ocean to buying responsibly; from eating healthily to educating yourself on politics. Each goal has bitesize positive actions, something for anybody and everybody to achieve.

What are the Good Life Goals?

  1. Help end poverty
  2. Eat better
  3. Stay well
  4. Learn and teach
  5. Treat everyone equally
  6. Save water
  7. Use clean energy
  8. Do good work
  9. Make smart choices
  10. Be fair
  11. Love where you live
  12. Live better
  13. Act on climate
  14. Clean our seas
  15. Love nature
  16. Make peace
  17. Come together

As a team, we are looking at our own internal strategy for sustainability and how we can incorporate the individual actions in the Good Life Goals into our professional and personal lives.

And thus, we decided. We would pledge to Good Life Goals.

The Studio Republic team will collectively progress through the 17 SDGs (via the Good Life Goals), with each team member choosing their own specific goal to hone into for each half of the year. We’ll choose where to invest our volunteering hours, launch in-house schemes, secure our group volunteering date, and plan other ways we can steer the Republic into the sustainable revolution.

We know this is more than one person. More than you and I, more than your neighbour, more than your future grandchildren. Your voice, your will, every small action will trigger a reaction. As a collective and as individuals, the Good Life Goals are teaching us how we can make these transitions into various elements of sustainability.

What We’re Already Doing

Alongside giving volunteer hours, making sure set aside time for team reviews and socials, and making some changes to reduce our environmental impact, we set ourselves some targets for the year (read more here). Told you we are serious about sustainability.

The Implementation

We aren’t pledging half heartedly. Each of our team accepts the challenge to pursue their goal, and collectively strive to see Studio Republic maximise its potential within this incredible sector.

  • We’ve set our beach clean up date.
  • We’re choosing our individual volunteer charities / organisations.
  • We’re trialling Tin Tuesdays, where the team are invited to bring a tin each Tuesday to be donated to a local food bank when the box is full.
  • We’ve each chosen a good life goal to work on, and we share our progress against the goal in our monthly catch ups.
  • We’ve set up our sustainability monitoring system to see the progression of our waste reduction etc.
  • We’re holding our Hack For Good event in association with Mental Health Awareness Week.
  • We’re filling a team fruit bowl with locally sourced produce.
  • We’re launching our sustainability consultancy.
  • We’re adapting a new ‘weekend switch off’ routine for our power usage.
  • We’re planning educational and entertaining material, teaching others how to be sustainable in simple steps.

And that’s only the start.

We are itching to see where this journey will take the Republic, and invite you in for the ride. To get involved or talk more, drop us a line at hello@studiorepublic.com

The Good Life Goals by Futerra Sustainability Communications Ltd and 10-Year Framework of Programmes on Sustainable Lifestyles and Education Programme is licensed under CC BY-ND 4.0