The Fairness Revolution – ismybillfair

26th February 2018

The Fairness Revolution – ismybillfair

What is the service?

ismybillfair wants to see fairness from providers of services and utilities. Their brand new site, designed and developed by Studio Republic, allows people to input the details of their current services and utilities, from energy providers to breakdown cover and more, and compares them to what other people are paying. If they’re not happy with their results, then ismybillfair can negotiate a fairer price on the customer’s behalf, or give them the option to find a fairer deal elsewhere. This is the only website in the UK that provides this service, and we’ve loved being a part of the Fairness Revolution!

How is ismybillfair an ethical business?

ismybillfair is all about transparency and fairness. Those are values that we can relate to and one of the reasons we built such a strong relationship with them. Their passion to help everyone pay a similar price for the same service gave us the opportunity to work with a company that fits our ethos: Creative for good.

"We've been in the great position of being involved with the ismybillfair chaps from day one. What started as an idea between friends has blossomed into what we hope will be a major disruptor in the price comparison industry. The concept of fairness and transparency for consumers is a perfect fit with our ethics. It's a joy to see a brand proposition through from name, to brand, to site, to launch." Chris, Director Studio Republic

ismybillfair will never ask for any money. The service is provided free of charge so the opportunity to find a fairer price for your bills is available to anyone and everyone making it inclusive and accessible.

When dealing with customers’ personal data, there can be concerns relating to privacy, confidentiality and transparency; however, ismybillfair’s values are reflected in the way they collect, store and transfer data. Everything shared with ismybillfair is stored and processed in UK data centres with high levels of security and, when they’re given consent to pass on data to providers, they use a unique and time limited authentication process. This stops anyone grabbing the personal data on the way.

What did Studio Republic do for ismybillfair?

Studio Republic have been with ismybillfair from the very start in March 2017, and worked with them from the initial discussions, through the name creation process, the branding and identity, the strategy, and onwards to the build of the software and website. Now the website and service has been launched, we see this as the perfect time to look back on the past year.

A brand is not just an icon and a word, it's the personality, the identity, and the sum of what makes our clients uniquely them. ismybillfair certainly is unique! We sat down with ismybillfair and, using keywords taken from their intentions and their personality, we brainstormed names and taglines, ensuring we understood who they are and who they exist for. Every agency will have a different approach to branding projects. We’ve become almost like extra members of the ismybillfair team, built a great relationship with them, and supported them to launch the service.

A new website can be a big undertaking, and it’s not a project we deliver on our own. No one knows ismybillfair better than they do, so we spent time working closely with them to understand their objectives and the purpose of the site. When first started to design the new website, we went through the stages of wireframing and prototyping. This was to show the structure of, and journeys through, the website before we started to apply the branding and imagery.

We went on to spent time crafting a great user experience by researching and planning how people would use the site, how information would be presented and how users would find it. The service needed to be as simple and intuitive as possible as it needs to be usable to everyone, young and old, using mobile or desktop. Now that the site is live, we’re closely monitoring user behaviour to ensure that we can make adjustments and refinements as required.

The outcome is a site that will help people to pay a fairer price for their household bills. We are continuing to work closely with ismybillfair, supporting the brand, ensuring consistency across all media platforms, and delivering iterations to the site to ensure a positive UX resulting in conversions. Keep an eye out for ismybillfair in the press.

"We've been working with Studio Republic since the conception of ismybillfair. We've been impressed with the quality of design output, and with the flexibility in discussing developments outside of the original remit. There's real value to having design and development working so closely together. Studio Republic take a problem solving first approach, which has been refreshing. We all know that commercial conversations have to happen, and working back from a "what problem are we trying to solve here?" position has enabled us to deliver ismybillfair as a credible, marketplace ready consumer service.” Graham Barrett, ismybillfair

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