Storytelling in Web Design

14th January 2015

As we start the new year, it’s a good time to look at how web design is shaping up for 2015. And top of the web design trends for the year ahead is the idea of storytelling. As human beings, we all love a story. Stories draw us in and give us a framework to make sense of things. And online as well as offline, stories have a powerful effect in converting readers into engaged customers.

Visual story telling in web design uses photography, infographics and illustration to convey information in a way that connects with visitors. Stories illicit feelings and emotions, and cut through the problem of information overload. Stories are seen as authentic and removed from material concerns. In other words, a well told story will elevate your site from being perceived as a sales tool, to a resource that connects with visitors on a far more intimate level. So how is this achieved? Overall, content, visuals and user interaction should be working together to form a coherent narrative. Large background images, evocative language that avoids any form of ‘sales’ type calls to action, and well placed unobtrusive navigation buttons interweave to lead visitors through your story.

Having a clear identity and understanding the story that needs to be told will guide the design choices that are made to create a flowing user experience. Just as a story unfolds, your website can evolve to become a site with real substance. You need only turn the page