Is Your Brand Relevant?

5th January 2015

The words, “Brand Relevance” sound like something you’d read in a marketing textbook or hear in a presentation along with buzzwords that sound impressive, but mean very little. The difference is, these are two words that can actually be applied practically.

“It doesn’t matter what product you’re selling, or even how amazing the product is”

That may sound like a bold statement to make, but in an ever-changing market that is saturated with so many choices, people are likely to simply skim past your product or service online, on the shelf or in any kind of marketplace if it is not relevant to their immediate needs. Your product may be entirely unique, but are you communicating its unique values in a clear and understandable manner?

Marketing brands in an environment full of choices; some of which are very similar, if not almost identical, is a challenge that should be faced with a number of factors in mind.

Studio Republic believes that relevance boils down to asking the right questions. What makes your unique product stand out? Why would customers or users gain from engaging with it? What sets your product apart from its competitors? We will answer these questions with both strategy and creativity in mind.

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