Introducing Jack de Wolf

To consolidate and further grow our business we have hired a Head of Business Development and Client Services, Jack de Wolf.

What’s In a Font?

Some logos are iconic. Others fade into obscurity like boy bands or teen stars from the 1990s.
There’s a lot more to creating a
logo than simply putting your name on a board, packaging, the web or…

VR - The New Reality in Advertising

Imagine walking around Harrod’s in London, navigating the prestigious store’s aisles and examining its products in fine detail; picking up that diamond ring you’ve been admiring and looking at the fine cut of the stone, agonising over whether or not you should go to the checkout counter with it,…

Storytelling in Web Design

As we start the new year, it’s a good time to look at how web design is shaping up for 2015. And top of the web design trends for the year ahead is the idea of storytelling. As human beings, we all love a story. Stories draw us in and give us a framework to make sense of things. And online as well…

Mobile Technology On the Move

Phones used to be just that - phones. Before the advent of cellular, and later, smartphone technology, if you
needed to get in touch when you were away from your desk or home, you would
have to find a phone booth or ask someone nicely if you could borrow their
phone to make an important call.

Showing your True Colours

Psychology shows us that the more choice we’re
presented with, the harder it is to make a decision. And you only have to look
at a paint colour chart to start flipping out. Choosing between 495 different shades
of beige, from soft mink to smoked trout is enough to have you reaching for the

Is Your Brand Relevant?

The words, “Brand Relevance” sound like something you’d read in a marketing textbook or hear in a presentation along with buzzwords that sound impressive, but mean very little. The difference is, these are two words that can actually be applied practically.

The Business of Christmas

Adverts featuring
dustings of icing sugar snow, penguins and flying women in fairy costumes can
only mean that Christmas is about to land. And sparing no expense in their fight for
prime place during the single best shopping month of the year, the majority of
major brands invest heavily in their…

Who’s who in the design community? Part 1

When you have a design challenge or requirement, how do you know who can help you? There are so many types of designer out there, how do you know what credentials to look for when selecting a designer?

Work your new website

It’s great to think of your freshly built website working 24/7 pulling in all sorts clients from across the globe while you concentrate on your actual job. Yet although that’s an ideal scenario, sadly, it's rarely true. No matter how beautiful your website, when you launch a business it’s going to…