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Imagine walking around Harrod’s in London, navigating the prestigious store’s aisles and examining its products in fine detail; picking up that diamond ring you’ve been admiring and looking at the fine cut of the stone, agonising over whether or not you should go to the checkout counter with it, all from the comfort of your home.

Virtual reality may not be quite as vivid or interactive as that just yet, but virtual reality experiences are becoming more accessible and more common in the advertising and marketing arena, and it may well happen that such vivid experiences are not that far off.

One of the more recent additions to virtual reality “toys” is “Google Cardboard”. At first glance, the Google Cardboard device may not look like much but there’s one very important thing that sets it apart - it's accessible to anyone, anywhere.

The virtual reality revolution has begun and all you need to make it work is some cardboard, a smart phone and a pair of scissors.

Google cardboard is a device that you can either download the template for or purchase from selected dealers. It works by attaching to a smart phone and running the Google Cardboard app. This can then provide you with a virtual reality experience via your phone.

Many marketers have sat up and taken note, and with smart phone use on the rise globally, this portable VR device could well see significant growth very soon.

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