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Some logos are iconic. Others fade into obscurity like boy bands or teen stars from the 1990s.

There’s a lot more to creating a logo than simply putting your name on a board, packaging, the web or any other media upon which it makes an appearance. Your logo is the foundation that your brand’s look and feel is built upon. It represents the mood, energy and approach embodied by your company through the simple visual representation of your chosen proper noun (or nouns).

Choosing or creating the right font for your name is an important process in building your brand, and while there’s no universal formula, there are boxes that should be checked when you create the mainstay of your brand identity, like:

Is the Font Legible?

If your name is difficult to read or ambiguous in any way, your name is unlikely to be remembered. In an age of instant gratification, it needs to be read clearly and quickly.

Is the Font Relevant to What You Do?

If you run a finance company, using a playful, childlike font is simply not going to appeal to your target audience; an audience that is used to a cleaner, more corporate approach, and vice-versa, using a corporate style font for a toy company also not work.

Does it have the Correct Personality?

Personality is the part that is more difficult to quantify in terms of what you are or what your business entails. It’s a visual sensibility that simply “clicks” with your audience. This is where strong creative comes in.

Studio Republic takes these and many other factors into account when choosing the font that will form the basis for your company’s identity. Strategic and creative thinking needs to be applied when creating any corporate identity. Visit Studio Republic to find out more about the right font and the right look for you.