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Last time we talked about keeping your website content fresh because it’s the main incentive for people to visit. But that’s not the only reason you need cracking content!

With Google’s latest changes to their search algorithms, new and original content is highly prized and producing it directly improves the search results for your website. Recently published content trumps long established content, so it pays to have regularly updated material. The newer and more frequent the content, the greater your chances of being found online.

Head scratching

You might struggle for ideas on what to publish so regularly – and this is when drawing up a publishing schedule could help. Take a look at your month ahead and take a note of any events you can share with your audience. These might literally be events, say seminars, exhibitions or conferences you are attending, sponsoring or hosting. It can also include anything else that’s noteworthy or timely – for example, product or service launches, announcements about your team, client wins or office, external news that might affect you or your customers such as new regulations, or innovations in the market. Once you’ve put these in your calendar you can look to fill in any gaps in the schedule with non-time-sensitive features, case studies, white papers, testimonials or How To guides. Yes, it takes effort to write it all up but yes, you need fresh content so you’ll have to find a way to get it done.

Delegate, don’t relegate.

If you can set aside a regular time each fortnight to plan and write your content this will help manage the burden. If you find it impossible to commit to this because of your main job – don’t give it up. Delegate it or outsource it to a support staff member, freelancer or outside agency. In the long run your business will reap the benefit from the effort you invest in producing fresh content.