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It was only about 20 years ago that the Internet was a brand new terrain. Companies supplemented their brochures and leaflets by creating a web page. Back then it was cutting edge. Fast-forward to now and having a website is no longer a box-ticking exercise – it forms the centrepiece of a company’s marketing activities and a static webpage with your logo stuck in the corner looks weak and outdated.

What’s at stake?

A poor website that doesn’t reinforce your key messages fritters away some of the value of your social media, SEO and offline marketing efforts – it wastes investment.

Whether you have an e-commerce site or a brochure-style site you need to assume that it’s probably the first encounter people have when they want information about your products or services. f you let your content get stale and irrelevant it gives the impression that you don’t care much about your website – so why should your visitors? If you owned a shop you wouldn’t leave the Christmas window dressing up in February, so why would you leave old messages on your website?

Where am I going with this?

You need fresh content. Be cool, be interesting, get some new material. If you can’t be cool, just be good at what you do and share it with your readers. Build a community by giving away some free expertise and demonstrating your position as a trustworthy professional in your field. If you’ve done good work don’t be shy about writing it up into case studies or getting your clients to provide testimonials. If a prospective customer is making up their minds about whether to buy from you, reading good reviews might make the difference that tips them in your favour.

It’s important to be fresh for your visitors – but that’s not the most important reason to have new our next blog to find out what the other reason is..!