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‘Passion’ has become a popular buzzword in society –politicians, business leaders, job interviewees and bloggers all earnestly claim to be ‘passionate’ about their particular cause or specialism. Although it’s an overused term, passion is the driving force behind the best ideas and ventures out there today. 

Studio Republic works with all sizes of companies, from major institutions like the Hampshire Chamber of Commerce right down to micro start-ups and we find passionate people across the spectrum. But how do you take your passion and translate it into a fully fledged business proposition? 

Elbowing in

A flash of inspiration might lead to someone inventing a totally new concept (like the cronut or the Segway) but generally there are very few unique businesses – it’s usually been done before in some form.  This means that new businesses need to make a place in the market either by doing it better or cheaper, targeting a niche or by differentiating from competitors through a distinctive brand.  

If you’re growing a business, whether it’s an established company or a start-up, you need to consider your brand carefully. A strong brand needs to be defined so you can express it clearly through your marketing. What are your brand values and your brand’s personality? What are your business’s priorities and promises to your stakeholders? You need to resonate with your customers and express your brand consistently.  Give them a reason to trust your dedication and expertise. Make ambitious promises – and keep them! Delight your customers by valuing their custom. Show them a bit of love...a piece of passion.

We wouldn’t lie to you

We at Studio Republic aren’t business advisors or start-up consultants. We’re not mentors, counsellors or coaches. But we are really passionate about website and graphic design and we are experts in helping organisations express their brand through design.  We understand the journeys made by both large and small businesses and institutions because we work with such a range of them. 

We know that ALL designers describe themselves as passionate but a) we really are; b) you’ll believe us when you experience our resourcefulness and creativity for yourself; and c) if you’re not impressed with our passion we will still win you over with our impression of a gorilla doing HTML.