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A high performing website strengthens your company’s relationship with the prospects and customers you need to drive business growth, brand development and profitability. The challenge is that people view numerous websites every day so your website needs to work harder to compete in keeping visitors on your site and returning regularly. To this end, content is king.


Although good web copy informs your visitors about who you are and what you do, visitors have decreasing attention spans so static pages have limited appeal. To create long-term, meaningful engagement, you need some element of interactivity.

A good web designer incorporates interactive elements help to create ‘sticky’ visits - experiences that draw the user in and gets them involved through using interactive elements, scrolling designs, creative click throughs, animated characters, or social forums.

If your company, product or service is complex (or a bit boring) sticky tools and content will help to convey your message in a compelling manner. It will help embed information into people’s minds to or at the very least provide interest or entertainment to keep the user awake and browsing on your site. 


This is another reason why your website design should ideally be responsive to whatever device visitors are using (see our last blog on responsive web design!) – the presentation of any bells and whistles have to be appropriate or else they backfire dramatically. It’s also paramount that any visual features added to increase interactivity still conform to your brand’s visual identity as your brand’s strength lies in its consistency.


Timing is an important part of interactivity and community building. Make sure your website reflects your company’s current activities to maximise opportunities for your visitors to get involved or ask questions. Having out-of-date information up is a cardinal sin, like having your Christmas decorations still up in February – it just looks lazy and naff.


You can share real-time information by displaying visitor counters, user comments or fund-raising targets that show progress. It makes people feel like they’re part of an active, dynamic community and helps to create a sense of belonging. And if you want them to buy from you, donate, Like or Follow you, make it clear by having a strong call to action and links to your social media profiles.

How we do it

Here are some examples of interactive websites we’ve created (come on, that’s our call to action!)