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Building a new website is a bit like buying a new car, it might look great with the sleekest, shiniest bodywork but if it’s only got a lawnmower under the bonnet the performance probably won’t live up to the good looks!

Obviously you want the good looks too but when you are working on a new website project it pays to give the “engine” some serious consideration.

The “back end” or Content Management System (CMS) is the technical framework which presents your content to the world. It enables you to add and change pages, edit text, add images, link to other information including your social media output, videos, news, blogs – all the things that bring your website to life, keep it fresh and interesting for your customers and help you to get found on the search engines to put you in front of new customers. 

There are many Content Management Systems (CMS) on the market. At Studio Republic we have found a flexible reliable system which enables us to build dynamic, hardworking websites for you – MODX! 

One of the main advantages for us, as designers and developers, is the flexibility it offers to build almost anything from marketing sites, intranets, landing pages, Facebook pages, social, mobile apps and more.

The advantages for you are that it is a highly secure, well tested platform but as importantly, it is easy to use. You can be confident that you will soon be editing pages, and adding content quickly and easily, with no fear of breaking things. It also supports all the latest technology and those to come in the future so you know your website will stand the test of time. 

MODX has become the ideal system for companies large and small, including big names like Dell and Hitachi and is fast becoming the platform of choice for hundreds of thousands of web developers and businesses worldwide. 

Here are some we made earlier:

Freewheeling France website designed by Studio Republic

Gareth Gatrell website designed by Studio Republic

Green Party website designed by Studio Republic

Find out more about the possibilities for your project with MODX. The MODX website gives you more information about its capabilities and benefits:

Or just give us call, we will be happy to talk through your ideas and requirements.