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The look and feel of your web site and other marketing materials says a lot about your business. Before reading a word or clicking through your range of great products, each and every visitor to your site has an instant subconscious reaction to the design on the page. If they like what they see they will read on or click through so it's really important to gain their attention quickly.

We would say this, but we don't believe you can underestimate the power of good design. Good design is an integral part of what draws people to a particular shop, product, organisation or club. From the John Lewis Partnership to Apple, successful businesses the world over invest in their brand's design and use it as a tool to connect with their customers.

By ‘good design’ we don’t just mean a logo. Your logo is very important, but your brand's design is about much more than that. It is the layout of the page, the colour palette you use, the font, style and photography. It is the structural design of the site, the navigation, page titles and headlines. For our clients, it is all of these things working together to convey a clear message about the kind of organisation you are.

Good design is faithful to the products or services it represents and is consistent across the organisation, adding value to the brand, it should enhance the key values of your business.  

That is why here at Studio Republic, our design process always starts with us listening to you and taking time to understand your business and your brand. Not until we feel we have a good perspective on who you are what you do, as well as your business goals do we start the design process.

A strong brand alongside well-designed marketing materials are an important investment that could make all the difference to the success of your business.