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Not all content management systems (CMS) are the same. Your choice of CMS is critical to the return you will get on the investment you make in your web site.

When planning a new site it is very easy to get excited and enthused about the look, feel and content. Important as it is to get each of these things right, the process that you’ll use to manage your web site going forward is equally vital.

Often over-looked until it is too late, your choice of CMS effectively determines the on-going currency and accuracy of your web site content.

And whether it is product information and prices, customer case studies, latest offers, news and blogs, a web site needs to be a dynamic, living thing if it is to attract and engage effectively. In the fast-paced online world which businesses now inhabit, it has never been so important to keep your website up-to-date.

So when you select a partner to you help create you web site, don’t just look at design capability and content generation. Ask penetrating questions about the CMS system they are offering you and think about how it will fit your organisation as the business moves forward. 

  • Easy to edit
    Is the edit function intuitive, easy to use and secure? Does it show you what your changes will look like on screen before you publish them? 
  • Search engine friendly
    Is it designed to help you optimise the site for your customers and stakeholders? As we all know, a wonderful web site isn’t such a great asset if it can’t be found.
  • Powerful
    Does it have functionality to allow your web site to grow with your business? What kind of back-end features might you need in the future? Don’t end up limiting your on-line opportunities just because you chose a CMS that wasn’t powerful enough to support your ideas.

We use the MODX CMS system because it does all of the above better than any other we have tried (and we have tried a few over the years and even developed our own at one stage…).

To know more about why we (and our clients) love MODX, take a look at our MODX cms development page

After all, your choice of CMS could mean the difference between a hard-working, long-lasting, effective web site and one that becomes obsolete all too quickly.