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We recently took over the maintenance of and have really enjoyed getting stuck in to the slightly unglamourous back end development of the site. We’ve made some big changes to the functionality, but until now nothing that we could really shout about. That’s all changed today as the new look home page has just gone live. It’s a real step forward for the website’s design and heralds the other new functionality which is coming soon; the “small furries” and “farm animals” symptom advice guides.

It’s been a pleasure working with Vet Help Direct and by all accounts they’re pretty keen on us too:

“Studio Republic are a real breath of fresh air, their positive ‘can do’ attitude and quick completion times are exactly what we need for our vet advice website and find a vet directory. They are a real pleasure to work with.”
Susie Samuel
Vet Help Direct

Future web design and web development projects for Vet Help Direct include implementing a more flexible content management system to keep the site up to date.

Watch this space!