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A new figure has emerged in the Hampshire region he’s Smart… Agent Smart! (sorry, couldn’t resist the Bond pun!)

Errr, anyway, moving swiftly on… we’ve just finished work on this new guide to all things Hampshire at the click of a button you can now see what’s available in our local area. The options are vast, from accommodation and events to the local history and heritage locations.

As Agent Smart is a new concept in Hampshire, if you have a business or have had a good experience at a local attraction let him know so that he can share it with the other Hampshire residents. Similarly, if you can’t find what you need then let him know and he’ll try to add that service as soon as possible.

Now that’s enough about the client lets get back to us, our favourite subject! For the Agent Smart project we undertook the branding, web design and back end development. The site uses the Google maps API with overlaid map technology, a what’s on section and a feed back facility all built bespoke for the client by our talented and ever so geeky technical team.

Agent Smart identity

Agent Smart identity