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Welcome to the Property Ombudsman (The Ombudsman for Estate Agents is no more). That’s a round about way of saying the we’ve just finished the re-brand of the Ombudsman.

Having won the pitch (and delivered as promised) for the 2008 Annual Report we have gone on to work with the Ombudsman to re-brand and launch the new identity – no mean feat for a nationwide organisation. We’ve created a new brand identity, around which the new look literature and stationery has been created.

Part and parcel of the extensive re-brand was the delivery of two nationwide mailings, the first to notify the members of the imminent change and the second to deliver the new look member window stickers and collateral to each and every member estate agent in the country.

The project was completed in under a month and consisted of
• Logo branding
• New identity guidelines
• Literature restyle and printing
• Member window stickers
• Fulfillment of all the above nationwide

The Property Ombudsman logo

The Property Ombudsman logo