Get in touch

We work with companies and organisations throughout the UK, many of which are based in the South such as the Hampshire Chamber of Commerce, Autism Hampshire and Tourism South East. It’s great to feel part of the local community and to contribute to local business life.

The Internet enables businesses to trade with customers far and helps customers find the most competitive prices but choosing suppliers close to home can save you a lot of TMH (Time, Money & Hassle).

Local means vocal

This is particularly true when working with a local designer. Communication is so much easier when you’re in the same room looking at the same screen. And in between face-to-face meetings you can chat on the phone - in the same time zone, not on a crackly Skype connection or a 3 way conference call. Plus you won’t have to communicate across cultural or language differences.

Rummage in their drawers

To us it’s always a great advantage if we can visit a client’s office so we can get under their skin and experience their business, environment and culture firsthand. It provides a shortcut to understanding their needs and designing a solution that fits or even exceeds their brief.

It also gives us an advantage when our client’s market is also our market – we can apply our understanding and knowledge from our own business experience.

Word on the street

We’ve been operating for nearly a decade now and it’s taken us a lot of hard work to create a local reputation, which we continue to nurture. This provides an unspoken promise of quality to our clients. Even with the viral nature of social media, local word of mouth is important!

All of our design projects make us proud when they ‘launch’ – but that’s not the end of the job. After sales care is important too and it’s much easier to deliver training or technical support when the client is within easy reach.

Playing the long game

Even better than that is the opportunity to forge a long term relationship with local businesses because they know how to find us and they feel reassured that we’re not fly-by-night cowboys who’ll be hard to track down if there’s a problem or question. Design is a process that should evolve so continuity with your designer is valuable.

We operate a friendly, open-door policy and we welcome visitors to our Winchester office. If you’re in town, stop by for a chat. We enjoy being part of our local community - if you do too, you can join the weekly networking session on Twitter’s #HampshireHour at 8pm every Tuesday!