Introducing Jack de Wolf

To consolidate and further grow our business we have hired a Head of Business Development and Client Services, Jack de Wolf.

Who’s who in the design community? Part 1

When you have a design challenge or requirement, how do you know who can help you? There are so many types of designer out there, how do you know what credentials to look for when selecting a designer?

Work your new website

It’s great to think of your freshly built website working 24/7 pulling in all sorts clients from across the globe while you concentrate on your actual job. Yet although that’s an ideal scenario, sadly, it's rarely true. No matter how beautiful your website, when you launch a business it’s going to…

Minimalism in web design

One of the key trends we’re seeing in web design is a minimalist approach. Less is increasingly more, and a clean and uncluttered site will help your business stand out from the crowd. So what are the main elements of minimalist web design? Flat designFlat design eliminates artificial…

How do you protect your ideas from being stolen?

Recently we had some computer equipment stolen from our office (the thief was soon caught). But as well as minding our physical security, we also need to watch that no-one is plagiarising our designs.

Does design need to be expensive?

Design only looks effortless when it’s done very well. And it looks awful when it’s done badly. It’s a bit like attempting to save cash by doing your own plumbing or plastering when you’re not trained.

When technology goes AWOL

When disaster strikes you either kick yourself for not being better protected or breathe a huge sigh of relief that you took precautions and prevented an even worse situation. How would you fare if something happened to your business IT?

How savvy are you with social media?

Social media is like any form of communication – there are good and bad ways to get your message across

How to get more customers and make more money! Part 2

Here are 7 more tips to increasing footfall to your website

How to get more customers and make more money (Part 1)

So you’ve got a great website but how do you use it to attract more customers? How do you get more traffic to your online shop or convert prospective web browsers into business leads for your services?