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Creating measurable impact through powerful creative communications

How it works

Our impact framework allows us to face each unique challenge with critical thinking and unbound creativity. We deliberately tailor our process to each partner (and their audience’s) needs. No project that requires real-world change should take a cookie-cutter approach.

1. Immersion

Every impact led project starts with discovery, one of the most important parts of any project. We research who you are, who you impact on a daily basis and if possible, get user and data insight.

Assumption is a dirty word at Studio Republic and so immersing ourselves in your business and brand before we even put digital pen to paper is how we can make sure that we are answering the right problems in the most impactful way possible.

2. Ideation

Being small in number but mighty in thinking, we take every opportunity to get all of our teams heads together because we understand the value and importance of diversity of thought.

The result is problem solving and ideation on a huge scale and sets our delivery teams up to find creative solutions to not only meet the needs of the user, but also future proof you as a business and make sure you are as accessible as possible.

3. Implementation

With the ideating, planning and visual language all agreed, it’s time to get technical and testing!

Implementation is not just about our design team and development team working collaboratively to deliver a realised version of the agreed design, it’s about accessibility, performance and the experience we can deliver your user. We dedicate time to not just checking our code but also user testing to make sure the most important people in the process are on board.

4. Improve

It’s a cliché, but it’s also true that go live of a project is just the beginning.

We are really proud of our Growth retainer model that allows websites to evolve and adapt to their users as your business grows and changes. It puts data and strategy at the heart of all decisions and in turn, enables us to provide long term support and growth that means you won’t need to build a new website again in two years time.

Process is key

We eat tough challenges for breakfast. Find out for yourself!

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