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Project / Account Manager

To manage the strategic delivery of projects in order to build strong relationships with clients and deliver long term business growth.

Responsibilities - in your role you will:

  • Manage client based and internal projects.
  • Maintain long term relationships with clients through regular communication, transparency and an outcome led approach.
  • Lead an internal project team to deliver projects in a timely manner.
  • Be an internal advocate for the clients you work with.
  • Work across multiple projects and establishing a structured workflow.
  • Develop long term strategic plans with clients to identify needs and outcomes.
  • Work closely with the Project Management Lead to effectively map a project from conception to completion.

Skills - you will have:

  • Strong project management skills to confidently manage multiple clients and projects.
  • Natural ability to build relationships with clients to be a primary point of contact.
  • A good knowledge of user experience best practices and the UX / UI relevant to each client.
  • An understanding of design and marketing.
  • Strong research skills and ability to unpack and compress information.
  • The ability to grasp new concepts and pick up new skill-sets quickly.
  • Solid knowledge of digital performance evaluation and reporting tools.
  • Be adaptable and able to learn new software quickly.
  • Highly analytical skill-set.
  • A broad understanding of design and digital process.
  • Impeccable verbal and written communication skills.
  • Ambition for Studio Republic and its clients.
  • A strategic and creative thought process.
  • Knowledge of Jira would be useful.
  • The desire to be part of a team who share a strong focus on charity, community and sustainability.

Job type: Full time

If you are interested and think that you’d be a great fit please send your CV to hello@studiorepublic.com

Full Stack PHP Developer

Our expanding client list means that we're in need of another awesome developer to join our team in central Winchester.

Experience in the following areas is a must:

  • Previous delivery of a range of small to large scale websites within an agency environment
  • Strong, pixel perfect front end skills
  • Back end development using PHP
  • Good working knowledge of Laravel
  • MySQL database design and management
  • Experience with Content Management Systems and frameworks, such as WordPress and MODX
  • The integration of third party systems, such as CRMs, payment gateways, document management tools, web services and authentication systems
  • An understanding of web security concerns; experience of testing and resolving security issues

In addition to the above, experience of the following will be beneficial:

  • Designing solutions for high traffic demands; experience of performance testing, analysing results and applying performance improvements
  • The use of automated testing tools or behavioural driven development
  • Management of multi-branch source control repositories
  • An understanding of hosting infrastructure; experience working with load balanced, and cloud multi-server environments
  • Experience with LAMP/LEMP server configuration
  • Delivery of resilient solutions including web and database failover features
  • The use of JavaScript to enhance UX and to provide asynchronous interface functionality, and validation

Job type: Full time

If you are interested please send your CV, portfolio and GitHub link to hello@studiorepublic.com

If you're a freelance designer/ illustrator/ developer/ copywriter/ tea maker, or you just want to show off your CV, please send it through to hello@studiorepublic.com and we'll put your details on file.

If you're a recruitment agency, we know where you are when we need you so please don't contact us. Thank you!

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